Types for text documents, useful to represent textual data generated by a unit.


IActionableTextItem Convenience interface for text items containing styling information (IVisualTextItem) and action information (IActionableItem). 
IAnchor Definition of an anchor. 
IBinaryRepresentation The binary representation of a text document. 
ICoordinates This interface defines a coordinates system to locate characters within ITextDocument objects. 
IItemStyleInfoProvider A provider of style information for item class identifiers. 
ILine Representation of a line within an ITextDocumentPart
IObjectLocation Textual location of an object represented as text in a text document. 
ITextDocument A text document is used to represent arbitrarily long buffers of interactive text data. 
ITextDocumentPart This interface represents document parts. 
ITextItem A text item is used to identify a particular sequence of characters within the string of an ITextDocumentPart. 
ITextMark A positioned (offset, relative to the owner line) tag. 
IVisualTextItem Visual items are used to attach class information to items. 


HtmlFormatter Utility class to generate basic HTML pages. 
HtmlTextDocumentFormatter Formatter that converts an ITextDocument to a rich html output. 
ObjectLocation Simple implementation of IObjectLocation
StyleInfo Simple style information for text, containing foreground and background colors, as well as bold and italic flags. 
TextDocumentUtil Utility methods for ITextDocument and ITextDocumentPart
TextPartUtil Class containing utility methods to operate on parts of text documents. 
TextPartUtil.LineInfo Information about a line of a text document's part.