Types used to build program interpreters.


IAutocompleteListProvider Provide the AutocompletionResult
ICommandHandler Definition of a command handler. 
ICommandInterpreter Definition of a command interpreter. 
ICommandManager Definition of a command manager. 
ICommandNode A command node, either a handler or a manager. 


AbstractCommandHandler Skeleton for a command handler. 
AbstractCommandInterpreter Skeleton for a command interpreter. 
AutocompletionResult An object representing the result of an autocompletion request. 
CommandParameter Definition of a command's parameter. 
ExecutionResult An object representing the result of execution of an action, including a type integer (return code) and a message string. 
InputToken An input token used in a command. 
InterpreterHistory Interpreter history objects, containing the list of commands previously issued to the interpreter. 
SimpleCommandManager A basic command manager that may be extended.