JEB User & API Training

We provide training workshop for the JEB plaform. The training is aimed at reverse-engineers who want to make the best use of the software as well as developers who want to write extensions (clients, plugins, scripts) for JEB.

For developer workshops, a basic knowledge of Java or Python is recommended.

Agendas are tailored to best fit a customer's needs. The following topics can be explored in depth:

  • Using JEB
    • Overview of the JEB architecture
    • Reverse engineering Android apps, binary files, and documents
    • Overview of the unified JEB API and current features
  • Developing engine and parser plugins
    • What are parser plugins and how do they fit within input processing
    • Development of our own plugins for executable and data files (2 days)
  • Developing client scripts in Python
    • What are scripts and how different are they from plugins
    • Writing headless and UI scripts in Python (1 day)
  • Developing third-party clients
    • Third-party client for bulk processing and pipeline integration
    • Development of a simple headless client for bulk processing

For more information about availability and pricing, please email us at