This package and sub-packages contains types used by the native code analysis pipeline, including gendec (the generic decompiler).


IMachineContext Definition of a concrete machine context, holding a VM, processor information, and a set of registers data. 
INativeContext Native code context. 
INativeDebuggerUnit Definition of native code debuggers. 
INativeDecompilerPlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of a native decompiler plugin. 
INativeDisassemblerPlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Native disassembler plugins. 
INativePlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Native plugins consist of native disassembler and native decompiler plugins. 


AbstractNativeDecompilerPlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Base implementation of an INativeDecompilerPlugin
AbstractNativeDisassemblerPlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Base implementation of a INativeDisassemblerPlugin
AbstractNativePlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Common implementation for native plugins (disassemblers, gendec-based decompilers). 
ChainedOperationResult<T> Generic object representing the result of a unit of work (an operation) that is part of a chain of operations. 
LinuxSyscallResolver Generic Linux syscall number<>name, number<>routineref provider. 
NativeCallgraphBuilder A builder of callgraph (sub-routine caller/callee relationships) for native code units. 
NativeCodeUtil Utility routines for INativeCodeUnit


ChainedOperationResult.ContinuationStatus Status code to indicate if the result is meaningful and if the next operation should be performed.