Architecture-specific information for processors, such as as common registers bank definitions.


AbstractRegisterBank Base implementation of a registers bank layout. 
AbstractRegisterBank2 Abstract class to create a processors' register banks. 
AbstractRegisterData Common base implementation of a bank of registers. 
RegisterBankArm Register bank for an ARM 32-bit processor. 
RegisterBankArm64 Register bank for an ARM 64-bit (Aarch64, ARM v8) processor. 
RegisterBankDummy1 Register bank for the internal PNF virtual processor (dummy) used for testing. 
RegisterBankEmpty Empty register bank. 
RegisterBankMips Register bank for a MIPS 32-bit processor. 
RegisterBankMips64 Register bank for a MIPS 64-bit processor. 
RegisterBankX64 Register bank for an x86-64 (AMD64) processor. 
RegisterBankX86 Register bank for an i386 (32-bit) processor. 
RegisterDataArm A list of Arm register values. 
RegisterDataArm64 A list of Arm 64 (aarch64) register values. 
RegisterDataMips A list of of Mips register values. 
RegisterDataMips64 A list of Mips 64 register values. 
RegisterDataX64 A list of x86-64 register values. 
RegisterDataX86 A list of x86 register values. 
RegisterUtil Utility methods for IRegisterBank and IRegisterData, including methods to create standard register ids.