Classes and interfaces to access and define native types and related objects, used by JEB's native code analysis pipeline (including gendec).

  • types (including primitives), type manager
  • class manager
  • calling conventions, calling convention manager
  • type libraries (typelib) service
  • utility


IAliasType Alias type representing typedefs. 
IArrayType The array type. 
ICallingConvention A calling convention object. 
ICallingConventionManager A calling convention manager provides calling convention definitions for a given processor. 
IClassManager Interface for a manager of class types and related objects. 
IClassType Interface to represent native class types. 
IEnumerationElement An enumerated value, defined by an enum
IEnumerationType This type represents native enumerations. 
INativeType Base interface for native types. 
IPackage A native code package. 
IPackageManager The native package manager. 
IPrimitiveSizes Get the sizes of common primitives. 
IPrimitiveType Definition of native primitive types. 
IPrimitiveTypeManager A type manager specifically for primitives and built-in types. 
IPrototypeItem A native prototype. 
IReferenceType The reference type, or pointer type. 
IStorageEntryGenerator A generator of routine I/O entries to determine where a routine's inputs or outputs go. 
IStructureType Type item representing a structure or union (structure wit overlapping fields). 
IStructureTypeField Item representing the field of a structure type. 
ITypeLibrary Definition of a type library. 
ITypeManager A type manager, for primitive types as well as complex types. 
IVirtualTableDefinition Definition of a table of virtual methods for a class. 


CallingConvention Standard implementation of a calling convention object. 
CallingConvention.ArgLocationGenerator Storage-location generator for routine arguments (inputs). 
CallingConvention.RetLocationGenerator Storage-location generator for routine return values (outputs). 
CallingConventionBuilder Builder of CallingConvention objects. 
CallingConventionName Dynamic enumeration of well-known (and maybe not so) calling convention names. 
CallingConventionService The calling convention service is a global registry maintaining calling conventions used by native code objects. 
CallingConventionUtil Utility routines for calling convention objects. 
CodeConstant A code constant object is a literal with a name and a fixed value. 
CodeConstantManager A manager for Integer, Long and String constants. 
PrettyTypeFormatter C-like formatting an INativeType to a string. 
PrimitiveSizes Standard implementation for the sizes of C primitives. 
StorageEntry Representation of an immutable storage entry (input/output) for sub-routine calls. 
TypeLayoutInfo Basic memory requirements (layout) for a type. 
TypelibGen Generator of type and constant library files (*.typelib) for JEB. 
TypeLibraryEntry An entry contains a typelib, its metadata, as well as the underlying file (if any). 
TypeLibraryMetadata Metadata header for type library binary files. 
TypeLibraryService The type library service (TLS) is responsible for managing (loading and unloading) native code type libraries (typelibs). 
TypeStringParser A parser for C declarations, types, prototypes and routine signatures. 
TypeUtil Utility routines for native types. 
VirtualMethodCoordinates Coordinates of a virtual method within a class type. 


PrimitiveCategory Primitive type category (encoding). 
PrototypeAttribute Attributes of a native prototype item. 
StorageEntry.TransformationRule Transformation rules for multi-slot storages. 
StorageEntry.Type Type of storage requirements (on the stack, in registers, etc.). 
StringEncoding Types of string encoding. 
TypeCategory Categories for native types.