Types relating to the disassembler engine.


IBinaryPattern Definition of a binary pattern. 
IBranchResolution Branch resolution data for a dynamic callsite. 
IBranchTarget Definition of a branch target. 
ICallGraph Callgraphs represent control flow relationships between routines. 
ICallGraphManager Interface for the native call graph manager, associated to INativeCodeModel
IClassRebuilder Interface for plugins performing object classes discovery and reconstruction. 
ICommentManager An interface for simple long-based comment management used by some engines components. 
ICompiler Interface for an identified compiler. 
IInstructionAugmenter Provide additional elements for instructions, resulting from program analysis. 
ILabelManager Definition of a code label manager. 
IMemoryModel A manager for the collection of memory items generated by the native code analyzer. 
IMemoryModelListener Interface for code model listeners, which are notified when the model of a native code unit changes. 
IMethodStackMemoryModel The memory model for the local stack of a method. 
INativeCodeAdvancedAnalyzer<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of the advanced (optional) code analyzer, controlled by the INativeCodeAnalyzer
INativeCodeAnalyzer<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of a code analyzer. 
INativeCodeAnalyzerExtension<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of analyzer extensions. 
INativeCodeAnalyzerExtensionsManager<InsnType extends IInstruction> Interface for the extensions manager of the INativeCodeAnalyzer
INativeCodeModel<InsnType extends IInstruction> Memory model manager for native code unit, normally handled by a code analyzer
INativeDataAnalyzer The data analyzer is used to create data items for a native code unit model. 
IReference Description of relationship between a source (from) and a target (to) native locations. 
IReferenceManager A manager of cross-references for code and data. 
IRegistersResolution Registers resolution data attached to an "augmented" instruction. 
IStackframeManager Manage the stack of a native code method. 


AbstractAnalyzerExtension<InsnType extends IInstruction> Extension of the INativeCodeAnalyzer
BinaryPattern Basic implementation of a binary pattern. 
BinaryPatternVerifier A collection of binary patterns and a verifier for them. 
BranchTarget Standard implementation of a branch target. 
CallGraphVertex Vertex in a callgraph. 
CodeAnalyzerUtil Utility methods for the generic code analyzer. 
DebugInformationPolicy Policies about how to retrieve and use debug information. 
MemoryModelEvent An event that affected the memory model. 
MemoryRanges A collection of byte-addressable memory ranges. 
MemoryRanges.Range A continuous memory range. 
ReferenceLocation Locations of IReference source/targets, can be either an internal address or an external routine. 
SwitchInformation Details on a switch-case native construction. 
SwitchInformation.JumpTableInformation Details of a switch's jump table. 
SwitchInformation.SwitchCaseInformation Details on a 'case' of a switch-like statement: the address of the handler code and the corresponding jump table entry (if any, see isJumpTableBased())  


AutoLabelPolicy Label retrieval policy used ILabelManager, specifically getLabel()
CodeGapAnalysisStyle Types of analysis for gaps in code areas. 
DataGapAnalysisStyle Types of analysis for gaps in data areas. 
INativeCodeAnalyzerExtensionsManager.ExtensionPriority Priorities that can be attributed to an extension. 
LibraryID Identifiers for classic libraries. 
MemoryModelEventType The types of memory model events. 
ReferenceType Native reference types attached to IReference


NativeAnalyzerException Exception raised for some INativeCodeAnalyzer errors.